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The Adventure of Time Management

The Adventure of Time Management

The adventure of time starts with the need of precision, and performance. How to reach our goals at our highest potential, but at the time point that is necessary.

When is something to be achieved necessary, depends on circumstances and conditions. If for example, one needs to walk 3 km to the next train station, where our last train to the beach will departure at 15.00 and we know we need 30 min to walk 3 Km. then it is clear we need to start walking at least at 14.30 right?

Well, for most people isnt clear that to plan a walk start at 14.30 doesnt mean one will arrive on time.

Time management doesnt mean to set a day schedule with math precision and calculations.

Time management is actually about common sense, awareness, alertness, conscious living, self-knowledge and emotional self-management.

In our previous example, our traveler started to walk at 14.30 and got distracted with a caravan of artists at 14.45, “just for 5 min.”  with the well known outcome.

It isnt always something we like that captures our attention, and subconsciously moves us to make a choice, a choice that would change our life.

Even if it would change our life in the following hours, to miss a train, in the case of our example could have long term impact in our life. For example if at our destination a job application meeting was scheduled, or for example our marriage.

Sometimes a single emotion would be enough or necessary for us to stay on the road, of our time flow, or to skip our attention of it and “shift into another time line” means into another plan or series of events.

Lack of attention, or emotional non-stability, or eventually just luck (what ever unexpected the day will bring to your life), may completely change the outcome of your day.

In order to complete a day at our highest potential, we must be aware on how we utilize time and address resources,  attention and consciousness to every single event, and how we design our day, including the ability to create a space that isnt controlled, where not planned events take place or rise out of the blue.

Time management isnt all about control, on the contrary, is about letting time flow, and ourselves flow within our own life.

How would you prefer to manage your time? which tools would you use? it is an adventure that waits for you, from the starting point when you decide to explore on the nature of time and how time is directly related to your happiness, wealth, joy, and success!

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