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The Gamification of the Human/A.I. DNA.: The Gamification of Longevity

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The Gamification of the Human/A.I. DNA.: The Gamification of Longevity

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The Gamification of the Human/A.I. DNA.,

The Gamification of Longevity

A futurist project of research that brings together A.I., Biotech, Human natural stages of development, education and longevity.

The Matrix 9+, The Game of the Gods, developed by the LDMF Foundation

Article/Project Presentation by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Founder, Chairman, CEO of the LDMF Foundation 

Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken,

First Draft Edition, 2016.

The Netherlands

Year of the Golden Grid

The first edition includes: “The Game of the Gods: The Matrix 9+, Board Strategy Game Rules” and “The Quantification of Value- Assessment Tool” PDFs documents.

In this Article/Project Presentation

The A.I. engine, its emotional chip and DNA code, as a mirror of human condition, reality, potential and knowledge.

The Matrix 9+ as a path to discover longevity traits/potential in human DNA.

The Prime Tech Theta Tools and Trainings as enhancers of human condition.

” For every profound discovery, we need of the necessary time for research, unless humans live longer, and evolve for longer time some conclusions will not be able to be verified, but predicted” –  LDMF

“For this study we need volunteers that would like to live longer.”- LDMF

Questions to answer:

How by the study of human potential can we discover the potential of A.I. and the potential development to be reached by the use of biotechnology?

Can Machine learn emotions? utilize empathy? as for interaction or decision making?

Can we hack the human DNA, and create an A.I. DNA code?

Would be possible to create a training program that enhances longevity skills in some individuals?

Where do education, A.I. biotechnology, emotional self-awareness, perception skills and consciousness studies meet together?

Questions for you to answer!






Mission 0.

What is the main subject/field of research of the LDMF Foundation ?

Mission 1.

Why the LDMF Foundation believe to learn about how nature create solutions is so important for the future/survival/upgrade of human kind civilization?

Mission 2.

What do volunteers can do in order to collaborate with the LDMF Foundation?

Mission 3.

Why the LDMF Foundation dedicate a priority attention to internship programs?

Mission 4.

Which services for organizations (Not for profit and also for companies, or government) provide the LDMF Foundation?

Mission 5.

Why the LDMF Foundation consider personal development and self knowledge trainings as important for peace, care for culture, life, heritage ?

Mission 6.

Why an e-Assessment is always requested to new customers/beneficiaries?

Mission 7.

Which qualifications  one needs in order to become an intern ?

Mission 8.

Which steps need to follow potential beneficiaries in order to apply for our services?

Mission 9.

How can any one support with financial means the aims of the foundation?

Mission 10.

How  can you find in our website and verify in the websites of the chamber of commerce of Utrecht the LDMF Foundation legal register, and KVK numbers? What is the KVK Number? Is the LDMF Foundation a non for profit organization ?

TAKE ANY OR ALL OF THE MISSIONS ABOVE, and send the results of each of your quests, at the right time and place to the Gods and Goddesses in Prime self union.

By doing so you will receive your first points and call the attention of the Gods on you.



When the Game Started ? The Game of the Gods and Goddesses in Prime Self Union. When the game started? The game is like breathing, it has no beginning and no end. After reaching the 5th stage of development, the gods and goddesses found that their union with the source of all that is have been and will be would make them feel complete and joyful, there for started a new journey up to the 9+ stage of development. For their surprise, when they arrived to it, found themselves enjoying from divine actions at their own temples. The Gods and Goddesses of the Sun Lineage, extended their golden grid among the divine verse, waving the quantum verse and recreating the multiverse. As for their own self-enjoyment their found their journey back to source as a jewel of adventure and decided to share it, but with whom? The gods and goddesses in prime self union are self-expressions of prime source itself, the blessing of the core of all that is have been and will be. To whom may fall their blessings? Must be a hero, a traveler, capable of such wisdom, transformation and self-mastery, able to face all challenges and overcome the fate of all destinies, wise to travel among all time lines and capable of great knowledge. Who may have such qualities? Who would be able to reach in one single life time the end of the world, the origin and the destiny, who would bring together in own heart heaven and under earth? Who knows, do you know? only Prime Source knows! May be a golden path for them to reach the sacred lands of Asgard, Olympus, Ambrosia, the cities and traces of the culture of the Primes, for travelers and heroes to become. Travelers and Heroes The travelers and heroes found traces of the Prime Culture, the Culture of the Gods and the Goddesses in prime self union, and discovered secret paths for them to reach the 9+ stages of development as well. Oh Traveler! Hero of the 9 times, will you listen to the messages left by the Prime Culture? Where will your adventure start? If you are now here, listening to this call, is because you have been chosen by the Gods and the Goddesses, and will be soon challenged!



Is one of our main tools.

To develop the ability to perceive the main issues and conditions related to the work and necessary for achieving our goals is key.

Human perception suggest a challenge that needs to be solved, for the purpose of an objective and practical use of perception as a tool for personal development and business.

The Prime Tech Theta Tools, at their foundation and advanced stage of application need of a well trained and clear perception ability.

Consider now that the object of perception is moving, spin around one axis, and you take instant pictures of the shadows created every random mili-second. You create a collection of images, and see them all together, are all the shadows the same?

Consider now the object of perception spin but shifting for random length of time from axis to axis, X,Y,Z,Theta. Which one would be the result?

Consider that the object of perception is as well traveling among the multiverse/quantumverse, and pass through several cosmic dust/ radiation / magnetic / fields. Would the camera be able to use light in the same way in order to capture the shadows of our dynamic object of perception? Will our mind perceive the same in the same image at any random time?

What means perception ?

e-Assessment: Change your life! ADVANCE your personal development, wealth, business, self-knowledge, Love, Consciousness from Prime Technology on Vimeo.



The Adventure of Time Management

The Adventure of Time Management

The adventure of time starts with the need of precision, and performance. How to reach our goals at our highest potential, but at the time point that is necessary.

When is something to be achieved necessary, depends on circumstances and conditions. If for example, one needs to walk 3 km to the next train station, where our last train to the beach will departure at 15.00 and we know we need 30 min to walk 3 Km. then it is clear we need to start walking at least at 14.30 right?

Well, for most people isnt clear that to plan a walk start at 14.30 doesnt mean one will arrive on time.

Time management doesnt mean to set a day schedule with math precision and calculations.

Time management is actually about common sense, awareness, alertness, conscious living, self-knowledge and emotional self-management.

In our previous example, our traveler started to walk at 14.30 and got distracted with a caravan of artists at 14.45, “just for 5 min.”  with the well known outcome.

It isnt always something we like that captures our attention, and subconsciously moves us to make a choice, a choice that would change our life.

Even if it would change our life in the following hours, to miss a train, in the case of our example could have long term impact in our life. For example if at our destination a job application meeting was scheduled, or for example our marriage.

Sometimes a single emotion would be enough or necessary for us to stay on the road, of our time flow, or to skip our attention of it and “shift into another time line” means into another plan or series of events.

Lack of attention, or emotional non-stability, or eventually just luck (what ever unexpected the day will bring to your life), may completely change the outcome of your day.

In order to complete a day at our highest potential, we must be aware on how we utilize time and address resources,  attention and consciousness to every single event, and how we design our day, including the ability to create a space that isnt controlled, where not planned events take place or rise out of the blue.

Time management isnt all about control, on the contrary, is about letting time flow, and ourselves flow within our own life.

How would you prefer to manage your time? which tools would you use? it is an adventure that waits for you, from the starting point when you decide to explore on the nature of time and how time is directly related to your happiness, wealth, joy, and success!

A complete training on time management principles and methods, practices and advise, with wonderful case study is now being provided at UDEMY: TIME MANAGEMENT & EMOTIONS



From warrior to god? ( Personal development for business, where is the limit? )


The 9 stages of development

(Matrix 9+ Score Lines)

by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (Odin Theta)

The development of an individual through the history of all times, from the myth to the hero, from life to death, from belief to glory, from the miracle to the technology, from the power to create to the power to give, from the immortality to the source of all that is = have been = will be.

Personal development and self-knowledge. What for?

Article value : 9000.00 EUR ( The article value is calculated based on the value assigned to the information and references to knowledge provided and how high the potential is that a reader would make tangible use and reach tangible benefits out of it.

 0. Where all starts?

How many times in your life you felt the impulse of fighting against something? May this impulse be natural in you or coming out of interaction and circumstances in which other individuals, culture or organizations or governments were involved, the reason doesnt matter but your will to fight for something, a goal, a transformational impulse, for your own life, the life of your family, that one of your own community, culture, nation, continent or planet.

1. Wisdom & Peace

Eventually along the road one gets wiser, and instead of fighting one find other form of solutions, less conflict, less aggressive, less destructive than war. One understands the importance of peace, for the sustainable development of own family, community, culture, nation. Unless life conditions are cared and developed, improved, heritage became difficult to achieve. Peace, is a wise solution, while the strategies of peace need to be wiser than deception or power based, still military based peace.

2. Government and territory

Which alternatives has a continent which lives in continues conflict that one of an empire? This question may have made Napoleon, Carlo Magno, or Julius Cesar, The Yellow Kaiser, or Saladin and maybe many others. How an empire, could bring peace to the known world.

Obviously skills for management of such a great enterprise would be necessary. But was that ever enough?

3. Belief and Heritage

Religion have been staying longer than empires and despite differences between beliefs and history of each religion, most of them agree into being love (in any of its forms) the ultimate foundation and nature of life, human kind and divine order.

While the warrior turned his/her/its eyes to peace, became wiser on time, found the challenge of sustainability of the heritage, of peace. At that point in time became a believer. But to belief in what?

4. Breaking the rules?

Religious guidelines are not enough, science is necessary, while the science of being human is more an art and this art is based actually on the continues self-exploration of human nature in own self and in own culture, in history; the endless or limited search of an answer to the questions why? what for? where from? for whom? to whom? when? how ? and so on but what and who i am and why i am here? have a great value, and the individuals or communities that can answer them are a un-valuable asset for humanity.

5. Science and Technology

Science and technology might give solutions but are also changing in time and even peace could be for certain time through them sustained as a promise, the human nature still the same, which actually is that one that created the original quest for life care, family, culture care, heritage; through the warrior attitude that turned to become a wiser man, and a believer.

Science and technology any case may also provide the weapons and social structures enough impacting to doom peace and culture, and eventually a society that becomes an interface, accessory or is integrated into a techno-human world (Ref. Futurism, Transhumanism)

6. Time and impermanence but the human factor

Now, the impermanence of time, and the changeable nature of all that is, shows that unless human kind changes (beyond the natural changes of  science and technology, or social events (history), new social structures and natural culture development) by self-awareness, consciousness and self-responsibility, the attitude and use of new technology and social or cultural concepts will be as aggressive and self destructive as any time point in the past. Ig human does not change, technology for peace would become by need into technology for war.

7. The mystic

In the exploration on human nature, the believer, that understands science and technology, becomes a mystic when reaches the understanding of self responsibility and capacity of choice and creation of own life, out of the quantum nature of all that is=have been= will be.

The mystic is the religious rebel, that one that goes beyond the frames of religion, and of science or technology, who anchors own will in a heart based consciousness and searches into the human nature as foundation for knowledge, change and corner stone for species survival (ideal, super-vival, wealth, heritage).

8. Super powers

When the mystic goes beyond the conceptual perception of life, into the tangible experience of union with the source of all that is, and become free of own self created dogmas, may realize that human consciousness is capable to create miracles, or events that are nowadays well described as possible and  feasible for human consciousness.

The art of application of emotions, feelings, awareness, perception, consciousness, becomes the art of being alive and being one-self, in union with the source of all that is = have been = will be. The mystic it/him/herself becomes the governor of own life and by self-empowerment dedicate own daily life to master own self but as well nature, life, culture, and why not the known and unknown verses ( universe, multi-verse, digi-verse, holoverse, fracto-verse, nano-verse, quantumverse, divine-verse)

At this point in time, the development of the mystic reaches superhuman powers and clarity regarding possibilities that are beyond individual needs to transformational changes that human kind, a family clan, a species, or culture, nation or plane, eventually a complete realm, or all that is=have been = will be, could experience out of own journey and action in daily life. The mystic became a demigod.

May the search for eternity, long life, immortality be the transformational force dedicated to heritage, life care, culture, peace, family care, personal and spiritual development, the demigod might become known by history as for its/hers/his, consciously-registered by history and by people, deeds.

In some other cases, the demigod might become a tyrant and engage into power based development of own culture, followers or own self as super-villain. May this be the last stage of development of the warrior that became wiser, later scientist, and them mystic, to turn into a demigod?

May any of you have experience that status just for an instant? that feeling of endless power? imagine if that feeling would be there for eternity? and not only a feeling but tangible ability to create with it.

How many dedicated to spiritual and personal development have reached that potential stage of self-awareness, clarity, consciousness, knowledge, and capacity of manifestation, creation, tangible transformation of the world known and unknown, according to own will?

9. The nature of life

Where comes the question of ethics, demigods create cultures and religions. Where the questions about rights, demigods created laws and governments. When the question about wealth, demigods create economies and property. When the question about history, demigods create heritage.

May be this the final solution? May the demigods lead the world into peace or war? May be here again appear the need of a warrior, who cares and intents to stop or change a demigod but not reaching his/her/its aim in a life time?

When the demigods are not to be stopped, by any war, wise agreement of peace, or mystical powers, what is left?

9+. Union, back to the source

Unless greed, power based behaviour, fear and jealousy turn a demigod into a tyrant, the path of the demigod is that one of reaching the ultimate state of union with the source of all that is = have been  = will be, becoming own self expression of the divine source of all that is = have been  = will be, the path of the god and of the goddess in union with source in own heart.

May be this process be the ultimate solution for peace? how many skills and abilities would be necessary to reach, develop, discover, unfold, activate, train, support, educate, cultivate?

The path is long, our aims are clear, but where the next step is planned the next spiritual and personal development stage is also needed. If you do not stop to enquire, your path will continue, to the source of all that is = have been = will be.

May your heart be in peace, along your journey.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (Odin Theta) on the 9 stages of development